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 Is your Construction Insurance program being handled by pros?  Fill out our questionnaire before your next renewal to be sure.

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How Well Does Your Agent Know Construction Insurance?

Risk Advisor or Insurance Agent?

If your child had a serious respiratory infection, would you take them to the same doctor that does your annual checkup?  NO?  Then why trust the health of your Construction Company to a generalist agent?  Based on our years of experience helping contractors become safer, more profitable companies, we have developed a 22 point checklist to see how well your current agent/broker knows construction insurance.  You pay them a lot of money every year, so why not put them to the test to see if they know their stuff?  At your renewal next year, instead of doling out markets to quote to anyone with an insurance license, have them fill out this questionnaire first to pre-qualify them and make sure they know how to handle Insurance for Contractors


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