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Exposed: The Cracks In Construction Coverage.

The Black Hole Of Construction Insurance Claims

If you’re buying Connecticut construction insurance based on the lowest price, you could be losing far more than you “save.” Why?

Typical insurance agents get rewarded for processing your application, bringing you the lowest premium, and providing reactive service. They collect their commission, whether or not they contribute anything to preventing and minimizing the losses that drive up your premiums. But controlling risks and loss prevention are the keys to keeping down costs. If you’re not getting aggressive help in those areas, why are you paying your broker commissions? Let us put a sharper point on that question.

What’s your Return on Insurance?

How much value are you getting for your broker’s commission—and for your premium dollars? Is your broker helping you keep your Experience Mod Rate so low that you’re hugely competitive in the marketplace? Or doing anything to lower your exposures and make your construction insurance coverage work better? Or is your broker just managing the bidding process? What Buying Criteria are you using to be sure you get the most value for your money?

Start by understanding the difference between insurance brokers and risk advisors.