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Your Colleagues Weigh In On Our Services.

True Believers in TCOR

What’s the benefit of switching from an insurance broker to Construction Risk Advisors? We’ll let our clients speak for themselves:

“Bob Phelan has been providing expert risk management services to O&G Industries for over 20 years. His practical insights and innovative thinking in dealing with unique exposures and changing conditions have made a significant bottom-line impact on our company. If you are looking for a trusted advisor to protect both your company’s blind side and more readily apparent risks, his expertise and commitment to the client will serve you well.”

Kenneth W. Merz
Corporate Secretary
O&G Industries, Inc.
#76 2009 ENR 400


“I have known for many years that Bob Phelan is the best Risk Advisor in the construction business….. now I know why.”

Bill Ducci
Ducci Electrical Contractors, Inc.
#300 2008 ENR Specialty Contractors


“Bob Phelan and his group have analyzed, exposed, and tackled the potentially destructive flaws in the risk management and insurance buying process of construction companies. Their systems and processes are absolutely essential to the sustainability and growth of construction companies in an increasingly complex, litigious, and competitive world. Construction companies must at least listen to, but preferably adopt, their method of managing and leveraging risk. Of course, as Dr. W. Edwards Deming said, “No one has to change. Survival is optional."”

Frank Pennachio
Co-Founder and Director of Learning
Institute of Work Comp Professionals


"When CRA first took over our account in December 2008, they noticed that our insurer was misclassifying our General Liability. They were putting our payroll incorrectly into the Landscaping classification and not the correct Lawn Care code. CRA successfully showed the insurer the correct classification and this was reflected on the 2008-2009 policy term as well as the 2007-2008 audit. This has resulted in a returned premium of $12,387 for the 2005-2006 term and a credit of $1,388 for 2006-2007 term."

A.J. Penna


"CRA has helped keep us successful and possibly in business by helping keep our experience mod below the threshold of 1.00 (over which we couldn’t bid on jobs)."

Kennedy Electrical


"Controlling your Total Cost of Risk is crucial in today’s marketplace and economy. In the average middle market company, your pure insurance premiums represent less than 50% of your Total Cost of Risk. Bob Phelan has mastered the art of designing and implementing Risk Reducing Plans that allow his clients to control their TCOR while becoming a more attractive risk to the insurance carriers.”

Roger Sitkins
Founder/CEO/Head Coach
Sitkins International