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Why Hire Us? Why Save Money?
Why Avoid Disaster?

A New Concept: Construction Insurance Brokers That Safeguard Your Profits.

You’ve been dealing with insurance brokers all your professional life. Why change?

First, you want to see a change in your Total Cost of Risk—getting a tighter grip on loss prevention and risk management.

Second, you want objective counsel on the coverage you buy, so you get the best possible return-on-insurance.

Third, you want advisors with construction risk management experience, people who know how to implement a true safety culture and policies and procedures that are proven to get results like the nationally recognized Risk Reduction ApproachTM. Fourth, you want the assurance and control of a performance-based compensation system, where you decide the value of the services provided.

Those things just aren’t happening if you’re locked into the traditional insurance/commission system.

For more reasons why you should look closer at Construction Risk Advisors, read the testimonials of contractors who’ve put their trust in us—and seen it pay dividends in lower total costs.

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