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A Modest Proposal:
Getting Paid For Performance.

Construction Risk Advisors:
The Insurance Broker Alternative

Traditionally, the insurance company pays the broker a standard commission for selling the construction insurance policy. For you, the contractor, there is very little “Return on Insurance”—value provided for commission dollars paid. That’s an antiquated system.

We have a better idea: Performance-based Risk ManagementTM.We’re paid by fees negotiated with you. Then we give you a degree of control unheard of in conventional insurance:

Simply put, we provide value or you adjust our fees.

Here’s how it works. We sit down with you and agree upon a fee, commensurate with the services performed. (How much will depend on the breadth of risk management and loss prevention services you need; if your losses are out of control, naturally, you will need more help.) But you’ll know that up front—no surprises.

In obtaining your coverage, we eliminate commissions to the greatest extent possible. (Most states have anti-rebate laws that prevent us from eliminating commissions altogether on certain lines of coverage.) If we have to take an insurance commission, it will be deducted from the fee. In other words, you have full transparency.

Then, you have the right to adjust our monthly bill, anywhere you feel we haven’t delivered the value promised. (You can also decide to increase our compensation, if you feel we’ve earned it by serving you effectively and diligently.) You have the ultimate control over costs. We have the ultimate incentive to produce results.
Imagine: a risk advisor who assumes a risk. Isn’t that simply the right thing to do?

To learn more about this groundbreaking (and sure to be controversial – our competitors are going to hate us for urging a replacement for the most antiquated compensation system on the planet) idea, order a free copy of our CEO’s new book, “Broke – The Broken Contractor’s Insurance System and How to Fix It”. Or call us at (800) 252-9864.