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Insurance Agents Versus Risk Advisors

Who Gets A Better Deal
On Construction Company Insurance?

Are you ready for this? Brokers have little to do with the size of premium their clients pay. Your claims history is the biggest factor. Your Risk Profile is the second most important factor. The better your claim history and the better your Risk Profile, the more competitive your construction contractor insurance carrier will be. If your broker isn’t giving you experience mod help to mitigate claims and prevent losses, then for every claim dollar, you could be losing $20 more. And if they aren’t helping you improve your Risk Profile, then just what is it you are paying them to do?

The way to attack the high cost of premiums is with an aggressive loss prevention, risk management and safety program—the same methodology that Fortune 1000 corporations use. That’s the Risk Advisor’s role: to design and implement Risk-Reducing Plans. Risk Advisors conduct a host of analyses of your preventive, direct, and indirect costs. They get paid with a negotiated fee.

Our company, Construction Risk Advisors, takes this concept one step farther: We operate on performance-based fees. If we don’t deliver value, you reduce our annual fee. Any wonder insurance brokers don’t want you to find out more?

Insurance Brokers Versus Risk Advisors: What Have They Done For You Lately?