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How We Do It: Working Hard Together.

Beyond Construction Insurance:
We Design And Implement Risk-Reducing Plans.

How do we lower your costs? Teaming up with you. We don’t just show up at policy anniversary time. That’s the bottom of the 9th inning. We’re with you for the whole game. We regularly meet with you and your key staff to work on the issues that impact your real world. We work together to lower your Total Cost of Risk, with a far-reaching range of services that find your hidden exposures, prepare for the unexpected, and help prevent losses before they happen.

We use all our experience in a spirit of long-term due diligence—staying on the job all year long, implementing our unique Risk Reduction ApproachTM, looking for every opportunity to make your workplace safer and therefore more profitable.

We help you take advantage of innovative insurance programs that give you credit for vigorous safety, loss prevention and risk management programs—letting you share in the insurance company’s profits.

And we do it by giving you the ultimate control over our fees: a line item veto, when you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promises. Every President of the United States has wanted that power over the budget. They don’t have it. You do.