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Those Who Pay Lip Service To Safety
Have Foot In Mouth.

-Very expensive Fortune Cookie

“While you make a ten-minute safety speech, two people will be killed and about 498 will suffer a disabling injury.” – National Safety Council Injury Facts, 2008

One of the most alarming things we see as Risk Advisors is that safety isn’t viewed as equal to sales, quality or profitability by the CEO. It’s often delegated to a safety officer and given lip service, rather than made a company priority, driven by senior management.

We believe almost all accidents can be avoided. In an extreme case, where safety takes a back seat, every claim dollar translates to twenty dollars of indirect costs. That’s why we see safety as the CEO’s responsibility—a big one.

When you appreciate your Total Cost of Risk and fully understand the indirect costs of an injury, you see why safety is so crucial. After all, your highly skilled workers are your company’s most valuable asset.

Your Risk Advisor is like the quarterback’s left tackle in football: making sure you don’t get blindsided by safety problems and hidden exposures. That’s where insurance doesn’t even begin to do the job a Risk Advisor does. But it all begins when you, the owner, become Chief Safety Officer.

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