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We Don't Love Take Your Money and Leave You

Contractor Safety Consulting Is
A Lifetime Relationship.

What’s the difference between an insurance broker and a Risk Advisor? Brokers are into short term transactions.  Construction Risk Advisors are into helping Connecticut Contractors design and implement long term solutionsfor their Connecticut Construction Insurance. Which would you prefer?

It’s a visible difference:
Traditionally, you see your broker a few times a year: when it’s time to renew your coverage, time for a loss run, or, Heaven forbid, when you’re neck deep in a claim.

You see your Risk Advisor all the time: reviewing safety policies, conducting OSHA audits of construction sites, calculating your companies' lowest Experience Modifaction Factor (MOD) and developing a proactive experience mod help plan to achieve it, training supervisors in proper accident investigation procedures, conducting operational risk surveys, assessing and improving return-to-work procedures…These are just a handful of the value-added services a Risk Advisor provides (See our free, no obligation Test Drive).

So we’re with you all year long, all over your operations—an extra pair of eyes and ears that are covering your blind-side. We don’t haul out the old insurance cliché about being your partner for the long haul. We’re right there, hauling with you, proving our value in every way. Deeds, not words. That’s the difference.

To see the difference in action, call (800) 252-9864.