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Creating A Safety Culture.

Improving Safety Has Huge Rewards, Providing the Largest ROI Of Anything You Do

We believe almost all accidents can be avoided. In an extreme case, where safety takes a back seat, every claim dollar translates to twenty dollars of indirect costs. That’s why we see safety as the CEO’s responsibility—a big one.

It’s a big part of our responsibility too. When you enlist us to help lower your Total Cost of Risk, we make the creation of a real safety culture a major goal. (Look at the list of services we perform as Risk Advisors; you’ll see how many are directly involved with safety.) In a safety culture, everyone, from the CEO down the line, takes responsibility for this crucial facet of operations. It’s not just a matter of thinking “Safety first.” It’s a matter of making the safe response the immediate, natural reaction to all the specific risks on the jobsite. That takes attention to detail. That’s what we bring to the table.

After all, your highly skilled workers are your company’s most valuable asset. Our job is to help you protect them.  With a strong safety program in place, we can help you get the best rates on the best programs for Connecticut Construction Insurance.

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